How do I change my Banner colors

Updating your Banner Colors

Step 1

Banner allows you to customize the colors of your screen. Banner test is Orange by default and Banner Upgrade is Green. Although you can change these colors using the following instructions IT recommends you to keep the different instances different colors to avoid making updates in the wrong instance.

  • For this demo I am logged into Banner Test which I will change to be blue.
  • You can also tell which instance you are logged into by looking at the bar along the top.
    • EOUPRD - Banner
    • EOUUPG - Banner Upgrade
    • EOUTST - Banner Test

Step 2

To change your colors select File in the top left on the home screen. Then select Preferences towards the bottom of the list.Image

Step 3

On this screen you have several different areas where you can adjust your colors. If you do not know the RGB color you want simply click the drop down arrow to the right of the User Value to give you a popup to select your desired color from. I prefer to change the following options: Canvas, Menu Links Canvas, Menu Broadcast Message Canvas, and Menu Tree Canvas.Image

WARNING: For Banner Test and Banner Upgrade whenever the data is refreshed from Production it will reset your colors to green for Upgrade and Orange for Test. So it is a good idea to record your desired settings somewhere so you can easily change them back after a refresh. To save your desired color settings click the save icon in the top left . Then click the X icon on the top right to close the form and go back to the home screen.

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