How do I open a banner screen

Navigating to a Banner Screen

There are 2 ways to navigate to a banner screen.

  1. Via baseline folders

    Step 1

    The first is to use the folders on the home screen to navigate down to the screen you want.

    • This will not include all available screens but will at least lead you to the basic screens such as SPAIDEN for general student information.

    Step 2

    Double Click on the screen you would like to navigate to the screen. Image

  2. Use the Go To box at the top of the screen Image

    Step 1

    The second way to find a screen that can lead you to all available screens is to use the Go To… box at the top. To use this box you type in the name of the screen you are wanting to go to then press enter on your keyboard

    Step 2

    If you cannot remember the entire name of the screen you can use the % symbol as a wild card so you can find all screens that start with SP by entering SP% or all screens that end with AIDEN by entering %AIDEN or all screens that contain AID by enter %AID%. Using the % symbol at the beginning and end will also allow it to search based on the description. After entering these and pressing enter you will get a popup window that will show all the results it found that matches what entered. Here are the results for %AIDEN :

    Step 3

    Select the screen you are wanting to go to from the list and click OK. This will take you to the screen you selected. For this tutorial I will be using SPAIDEN, You may not have access to this screen but that is ok since what I will be teaching is general information that works on all screens.Image

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