Account Staff Contact Instructions

Finding your Account Staff:

In the Recruitment Manager function, you can type in the school you are working with in the search bar. You do not need to click on Accounts first (this gives you every account in the system). Once you locate your school and click on it, scroll down to the Contacts section and you will see that the Contact Record Type of Account Staff are ‘floated’ to the top for easy access.
Ignore the Student Stage for them. This is irrelevant for this group of people and will not interfere with anything we are working with.

Editing Account Staff:

To edit an existing Account Staff, simply click Edit on the individual you would like to update. You can now edit:

  • Position
  • Subject
  • Name
  • Account Name (School)
  • Email
  • Communication preferences (if they want to opt out)


Note: You will come across people with duplicate Account Staff ids. They will exist twice under the same school or they may exist under two different schools. This can be due to:

  • Mass uploads which will NOT filter out duplicates.
  • The person can exist under two different schools within the same school district so the email is the same but the system thinks they are two different people based on the Account Name. This may or may not be correct information.

Mass uploads do not filter contacts via email because it was not set up that way in the beginning. If you come across a teacher listed at two different schools and you know for a fact that they only work at one, you can edit the incorrect contact and change the Account Name to the correct school.
Now this will put the teacher in the contact list twice for the correct school. However, Information Systems(IS) will eventually have these duplicate contacts removed. Currently, this would entail a build out, on a process from IS. This is not able to be completed until stage three of implementation of the CRM. Keep note of the duplicates for later reference.

Building a new contact:

First, select their primary function at the school from the pick list. Please use the position that best fits.

For example if they are a ‘Director’ select either Administrator or Principal (The most appropriate for their position). We are attempting to keep the data simple and clean for your reporting needs and for communications. Too many position descriptions here will dilute the audiences for specific reports or communications campaigns. If there appears to be a large pattern of new position descriptions (relevant to everyone’s reports), the list will be revised. Image

Next you need to select which subject(s) they teach. You can chose multiple subjects. Image

Please list their primary subject first. The EOU majors are listed so that they can be matched to a specialty subject matter at the high school level. Whichever best fits into our offered majors. For example, if would like to add an instructor that teaches agriculture, at the school, and nothing else (like Paul Anderes at LHS) you can list his subject as Agricultural Sciences (OSU Partnership).

STEM and Science was added to the subject list because most of the science professors will fall under the generalized ‘science’ subject, however many high schools are now listing ‘STEM’ instructors. If you find that a teacher specifically teaches chemistry, you can edit their subject from science to chemistry and they can receive more specialized communications directly from us or our chemistry staff. Image

Fill in the name, email, and phone fields. Select Save at the bottom of the window. Image

Final Notes

IS can do mass uploads of teachers, as long as they are presented in an excel file. The file must start with the SBGI code for the school in the first column. All of the following columns must match the fields that we populate. The values in these fields must be valid (match what the choices are in the system). Make sure the data matches precisely. Then submit the excel file with a ticket requesting a mass upload for Account Staff. Image


  • You do not need to have all fields filled. What you have provided will be loaded.
  • You can add multiple contacts for one school at the same time, however If you submit a list for upload and some of the teachers on your list are already in the system, duplicates will be created for the reasons already mentioned above. To avoid this, check your lists to make sure that the teachers on your list are truly new to the system.
    • It is essential to avoid duplicates so that the information will not clutter up everyone’s views and make finding contacts, reporting pulling, and communications more difficult.

This document can be found on the Home tab under EOU Links, EOU Salesforce Community for reprinting or quick reference. Image

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