Astra 8 - Using Reports to Print Schedules

Printing Schedules by Week or Day

NOTE:: This is a workaround. Printing from the scheduling grid has a known bug from Astra.

Part 1 : Getting to the Reports

  1. Starting from the Home page,
  2. click on Reporting
  3. Next, click Reports

Part 2 : Selecting the Report to use

  1. On the list of reports shown, click on **Sections and Events Lists **
  2. The sublist will expand. Look for one of the two reports, Weekly Room Grid or Daily Room Grid
  3. Click on the report you wish to use

Part 3 : Picking a Room and Printing

  1. With an open report, on the left there is list of parameters you can set data for
  2. Click on Select Date (green)
  3. You can type the date using MM/DD/YYYY format, OR click on the date picker button. (red)
  4. With a date selected click on Select Campus
  5. Now click on the edit box (red) that has appeared after clicking on the Select Campus
  6. In this window you can select the Campus, Building, and Room you need a report for. Note:: Daily view only has Date and Campus.
  7. Click OK when you have the room you want a report for.
  8. Now click Apply to apply your changes
  9. Now click on the Print button
  10. In the file Format, change to PDF (red)
  11. Click on export button on the screen that has appeared.(green)
  12. You will either download the report OR Adobe will open the file for you.
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