How to Enter data in Banner 9

How to Enter data in Banner 9

Step 1

Log into Banner

Step 2

Go to SPAIDEN using the menu and search.

Step 3

With SPAIDEN open, you will see that the ID field is blank. There is a message : “Get Started: Complete the fields above and click Go. To search by name, press TAB from an ID field, enter your search criteria, and then press ENTER.”

We will search for 910224881.

Step 4

When 910224881 has been entered, the name of the user is populated. Once entered click Go.

Data has loaded for the 910224881

Step 5

Each field that we can enter data into is shown with a textbox, and is show as active. An active field means it is clickable, useable, and not greyed out. To know which field you are currently on is indicated by the light blue background. You can change fields by pressing tab. Once you have changed a value you will need to click save .

Save is confirmed.

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Published date: 09/13/2018 4:44PM
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