Key Terms in Banner 9

Key Terms in Banner 9


A collection of fields and sections, governed by rules to store data into the Banner system.

Session Bar

Light gray bar at the top of your Banner session. Responsible to house the main menu, links, search, help and sign out button.

Page Header Bar

Darker blue bar below the Session bar. The page header shows name and title of a page, close button, and page tool buttons.

Page Tools

Page tools are the Retrieve, Add, Related, and Tools buttons. Not all buttons are active for each page.

Tab Bar

A lighter blue bar that will show the page in major sections. SPAIDEN is a good example of tabs in use.


A section is a group of fields related to one another on the page. Sections are denoted by a light grey bar. Each section has four buttons in the section header. The buttons are Insert, Delete, Copy, and Filter.

Nav Bar

Grey bar near the bottom of the page. In the nav bar are the next and previous buttons to move through tabs / major sections. In the nav bar you will also find Activity Date and Activity User if the page has data to display. The Nav bar also contains the save button.

Footer Bar

A medium blue bar at the bottom of the page. This tells you what mode you are in, how many records you are working on, and field to table relation. When clicked on a field, the footer will give you an indicator to what table the data is associated to.

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