Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts

Please reference the following Banner 9 keyboard shortcut guide for Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts

Browser vs Banner context

In Banner 9 there is a shortcut for clearing a “Clear Page or Start Over” by using F5. This can be an issue depending on where you last clicked the mouse. Historically F5 is the browser shortcut to refresh the whole page, which will clear your current Banner 9 session. If you are not clicked on a FIELD, or Section on the Banner 9 page, using F5 will refresh the page. You will want to click on a field, section, or select something first.

Example is GUAPMNU


Clicking in the red section and then pressing F5 will trigger a refresh.


Clicking in the blue section and then pressing F5 will trigger the Banner action.

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