Enrollment Data Overview - FAST IR Module

Why the change?

In the Fast Student Module enrollment reports were based on the assumption that all apps were being entered through Salesforce first. This was not the case, some data was being entered into Banner only, causing a de-sync in data.

What caused the problems?

  1. Data in Salesforce was changed after replicating to Banner.
  2. Data was changed in Banner and not in Salesforce.
  3. Applications were deleted in one system but not the other.
  4. Applications were added to Banner directly.
  5. Salesforce applications were not replicated to Banner.
  6. Two apps in Salesforce are updating one app in Banner.
  7. Two apps in banner are updating one app in Saleforce.
  8. Salesforce Contacts were merged, but application IDs did not get updated.

How did IS fix it?

What IS has done is report duplicate applications per student as one application. This means when there is 1 Salesforce App matched with 1 Banner App, we have 1 application to report.

When we have an application in Salesforce and an application Banner, if the Banner app does not match the SF app, then we have to count both. This is a possible data error, or could be two distinct apps were submitted via two separate methods.

Example of one student

Salesforce App Banner App Same app in both Report count
SF_App A Ban_App_2 Yes 1
SF_App B Ban_App_1 Yes 1
SF_App C No 1
SF_App D Ban_App_3 Yes 1
Ban_App_4 No 1
SF_App E Ban_App_5 No 2

Total Apps reported 7

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