Entering Hours on your Timesheet

  1. Login into your portal at my.eou.edu

  2. Select the Mountie Hub (Webster) tile

  3. Select Employee Services Image

  4. Select Employee Information Image

  5. Under the My Activities section on the right select Enter Time. Image

  6. Start your timesheet by pressing the Start Timesheet button with the Pay Period view selected. Or select a day under the Month View and selecting Start Timesheet in the popup Image

  7. In the week by week calendar view select the day you want to enter hours for, it will turn blue when selected. Image

  8. Click the Earn Code drop down to select the earning type you want to enter. To learn more about the earn codes you can visit Web Time Entry Earn Codes. Image

  9. Enter the hours under the hours field then press save. Hourly Employees will enter the start and end time of their shift worked and can use the Add More Time button to add more than 1 shift per day.

  • Hourly Time Must be in 15 minute intervals such as :00, :15, :30, or :45
  • NOTE: The dropdown selection for hourly employes are in 30 minute increments. If you need to enter :15 or :45 you will need to either type your entire time in like 12:45 PM or select 12:30 PM and update the minutes to be :45. Image
  1. To enter an addtional earning click the Add Earn Code button.

  2. To copy your earning and hours to multiple days press the copy button on the earning after you have saved it. Image

  3. Use the pop up calendar to select the days you wan to copy the earning to. Selected days will highlight blue, press save once you are done. Image

  4. To edit an earning select the pencil icon on the earning. Image

  5. To delete an earning select the delete icon on the earning. Image

  6. To Add a comment select the comment icon above the weekly view, enter your comment in the popup and press save when done. Image

  7. You can quickly view your leave balances by selecting Leave Balances in the top right Image

  8. To submit your timesheet select the Preview button in the bottom right. Image

  9. Review your hours and comment and press Submit if you are done and ready to submit your timesheet for your supervisor to approve. Image

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