EOU Data Systems Access

The IT department has released an updated EOU Data Systems Permission Form and User Agreement for all staff and faculty who use the following systems at EOU:

  • Banner
  • Millennium FAST
  • Salesforce / TargetX CRM
  • The Housing Director / Conduct Coordinator
  • WordPress
  • Vendini
  • IT / Facilities Ticketing Systems

Any new employees or any current employee who is changing their access will be required to complete an EOU Data Systems Permission Form with their supervisor. if the employee hasn’t reviewed / signed the User Agreement or complete the two online trainings, they will be required to complete this before access to the system is given.

Please note that both forms are required before access will be granted. Please return forms to helpdesk@eou.edu

Online Training for Banner Access

How To Setup Banner Training - Manual: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18irC_SDfuSuss2rai2z8i7arYiDTdK263OtMI5AAa1g/pub

Safe Colleges - FERPA Online Training: https://eou-or.safecolleges.com/courses/details/COURSE-FERPA

Safe Colleges - Data Security Online Training: https://eou-or.safecolleges.com/courses/details/11858596-d877-4304-b5ca-a959a68cdadf

Please note that all trainings are required before access will be granted. Online trainings are provided by Safe Colleges, use your Mountie-Pass credentials to log into them.

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Published date: 01/09/2018 10:35PM
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