EOU OpenVPN Remote Access

Applications that Require the OpenVPN Client

For data security reasons, some EOU applications require a VPN in order to access them remotely. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Banner (SIS, FIS, HRIS, etc)
  • Network File Shares (Departmental or personal file shares. You might know them as your Z or Y drives)
  • Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) for Windows or Mac.

EOU uses a product called OpenVPN and it’s currently available in the my.EOU Portal for all staff and faculty. Reference this tutorial to install on your computer.

  • Banner users automatically gain access to the OpenVPN client so they can being to install and test out their connection using this tutorial.
  • User who are requesting access to their network file shares, remote desktop connection, or another EOU system will need to request access though the Data Access Permission Form.

Requesting Access Through the Data Access Permission Form

You should be met with the following screen upon opening the Data Access Permission Form and selecting Fill out a new Permission Form. You can learn more about this process within the EOU Data Systems Access knowledge base article.


After you have checked the Remote Access box, the Next button should bring you to the following screen:


  • If you only need to remotely access your user files or department file shares, you can check the Agree box and leave everything else blank.
  • If you will need to remotely access your office computer from home, please check the box for User needs to be able to remotely connect to their desktop. This will open a new text field which will allow you to enter your computer’s service tag/serial number if you know it. This is typically a 7-digit code for Windows PCs and a 12-digit serial number for a Mac computer that may be recorded by a white sticker on your computer.
  • If you will need access to any other EOU systems or software aside from Banner, you may enter a brief description within the text box near the bottom of the screen.

Once you select the Next button on this screen you will be redirected to another screen to review the permissions you have requested. Once you have selected Agree to all your requests, they will be sent to the approver that you listed on the first page of the form. Once they have seen and approved it, a new ticket will be automatically submitted with the IT Help Desk, including the information you have provided here. An IT staff member should be in touch with you shortly with any additional questions or instructions necessary to grant your requested access.

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