Faculty Advising Training in the CRM

Salesforce Basic Info

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management software (CRM) that helps higher education institutions connect with students and manage related data in the form of student records.

Salesforce provides:

  • A unified view of our interaction with prospective and current students, as well as alumni
  • Coordinated and customized communications
  • A holistic view of our student support
  • Better collaboration across campus

Salseforce completely replaces the hard copy advising file, and is now the only system that on-campus and regional advisors will use to log advising notes and track students.

NOTE: Salesforce is not connected to Degree Works. Substitutions, petitions, and graduation notes should all still be housed in Degree Works.

Useful information available in Salesforce

Many pieces of information about a student can be found just by opening that student’s record in Salesforce, including:

  • Academic profile
  • Communication log (include any emails, phone calls, or text messages/SMS communication)
  • Holds
  • Success Team Members (Advisors)
  • Athlete status
  • Attendance/grades if entered into Canvas
  • Previous advising notes

Salesforce Basics

Navigate to Salesforce

Option 1: Go to EOU’s main web page at eou.edu then click on the “MY.EOU PORTAL” link in the upper right corner. Image

Option 2: Go directly to the My.EOU Portal at my.eou.edu.

Once you are at the My.EOU Portal, log in with your Mountie Credentials (your full email address and password)

Click on the Salesforce tile.

You will initially land on your “Frequents” page. If the Salesforce tile is not visible, click the “Company: Eastern Oregon University” link (top of the page, below the search bar) to see a full list of the EOU apps to which you have access. If you still don’t see the Salesforce tile, you do not have access to Salesforce. Image

This is the Salesforce home page. From here you can search all student information (by name, ID number, email, phone number, etc…) to find a specific student. There is also a “Recent Items” list in the left side bar where you can see recently viewed student records. You can be logged in for 8 hours before you have to login again. Image

When you find the student you are looking for, click on their name to view their record. Image

In a student record, you can see all of a student’s information. For example, you can see whether they are an athlete, their student ID number, email, phone number, advising notes, and much more. Image

Hover over Advising (Student):

As you hover over “Advising (Student)” you can see any advising notes or holds on the student’s record, as well as other options. If you want to read other notes or add to them click on the Advising Record ID number you want to read or edit. Image

Common CRM Tasks

How to log an advising note:

NOTE: Always create a new meeting note instead of editing an old one

  1. On the student’s contact record, hover over the Advising (Student) link at the top. Image

  2. Press the New Advising button. You will need to select the correct Record Type from the drop-down menu (for an advising note this will be Meeting Notes/Log) and hit Continue. Image

  3. You should now be in the Edit screen with your cursor in the Student Name box. Click in the Notes/Log area below to record your notes. Please include any important/relevant information, such as classes planned, change of degree, etc…

When you’re done be sure to click the Save Button (located at the top or bottom of the screen). Image

How to setup Salesforce to attach email communications to a student record

Select Setup under your name. Image

Option 1: Select Email>My Email to Salesforce Image

Option 2: Select Change your Email to Salesforce settings. Image

Copy the address on your screen (not the one in the example photo) and paste into the BCC field of the first appropriate outgoing email to a student (one you want to have attached to that student’s record in Salesforce). Image

Once this has been done, you should only have to type ‘emailsalesforce’ in the BCC field for the address to come up. Do this for any emails that you want to have attached to the respective student’s record in Salesforce.

How to remove an Advising Hold

While logged into Salesforce, looking at a student’s record:
1. Hover over Advising (Student) to see a list of holds on the student’s record. If the hold type is Advising then you will be able to remove the hold. Select the Advising Record ID field of the Advising Hold you wish to remove. Image

2. Select Terminate Hold. If the student had more than one hold, select the student’s name on the left-hand side and repeat these steps to remove other Advising Holds. Image

Salesforce CRM Training Videos

Please reference these training videos for Faculty Advisors who use TargetX for student advising in the CRM.

For the complete Faculty Advising training series, please visit the Faculty Advising Training Site.

For other Salesforce related articles, search the Knowledge Base for “crm”, “crm-faculty” or “salesforce”.

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