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This article will explain how to use the custom address sections in Form Assembly. First it will cover what these sections have to offer, and any particular restrictions. Then it will explain step by step for integration into your own form.

IT Only Documentation

There are two types of custom addresses available: Contact and Parent

Restrictions/Tips for both types:

  • You may only have one of each type in a form. If you add more, only the first one of each type in the form will work.
  • Field Labels may be changed as desired, and is recommended.
  • The section labels “Mailing Address” and “Permanent Address” for Contact Address, and “Parent Mailing Address” and “Parent Permanent Address” for Parent Address must not be altered. These values determine how the code finds the right fields. If they are changed the code will not work. They can be changed by request, see the next section.
  • Do not rearrange, add, or remove any fields within the address section, the code knows which order they are in. If the order changes the code may produce unexpected results.
  • Do not add to the State/Province question. A matching value must be created in salesforce You may set the default country to any value you want.

Available Change requests
Below are additional changes that can be made upon request. These changes will only be made to your form. Please submit requests to
Be sure to include:
The number of the request you want, your form’s name, a link to this document, and urgency.

  1. Additional Address types (beyond contact or parent)
  2. Change the text of a Section Label
  3. Adding values to the state/province question. (Non-USPS only)

There is no difference in available fields between the two types, but they do come with their own individual sets of custom code. The code looks better if opened with “Drive Notepad” a free Google drive extension, but is not required. This code is referenced in the instructions below.

Contact Address (Mailing and Permanent)
Parent Address (Mailing and Permanent)
Contact Address (Mailing Only)

If any assistance is needed or questions arise for the following steps please contact Please include which step is giving troubles, and a link to this doc.
The following steps will assume a form has already been made, and a place for the address section has been determined.

  1. Hover over Add Content. Hover over More… Hover over Custom Address.
  2. Click and drag which type of address you want added, to the spot you want to add it to. NOTE: If you just click it the section will appear at the bottom of the form. When moving it be sure to move it by its bounding box and not one piece at a time. If this happens it’s easier to start over from step 1.
  3. Now go to the connector and map as follows: (ignore permanent part if using Mailing Only)
    • Mailing Country = Connector Mailing Country
    • Mailing City = Connector Mailing city
    • Mailing Street = Street/P.O. Box
    • Mailing Zip = Connector Mailing Zip
    • Mailing State/Province = Connector Mailing State
    • Permanent Country = Connector Permanent Country
    • Permanent City = Connector Permanent City
    • Permanent Street = Connector Permanent Street
    • Permanent Zip = Connector Permanent Zip
    • Permanent State/Province = Connector Permanent State
  4. Now make sure contact matching will still work. There is a field in the mailing address called “ETL_Helper”. There are two ways to make sure this works based on preference: Instructions
  5. Now that you’re done mapping, move back to the form, and you may now rename any fields you would like. I suggest using the Preview feature to see how a user would.
  6. Now you need to add the code to the form. Make sure you grab the code for the same type of address you are using. Code can be found earlier in this doc.
  7. With the code handy, Hover over properties. Hover over Custom code.
  8. Now paste the code into the white box. If there is anything else already in the box, scroll to the bottom and make sure the code is added independently.
  9. Click the apply button and save your form. Done!

Important: If you are adding both Parent and Contact addresses you must use both set of code, and they must be separate from each other in the custom code section.

If additional clarification or help is required please contact and include as much information as you can. Reference this doc if needed, and provide the link to this doc in the ticket.

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