How are Advisors Assigned

Faculty Advisors

  1. A student is assigned an Advising Center Advisor (See below for how they are assigned)

  2. The Advising Center Advisor reviews the student and manually assigns a faculty advisor and determines if that faculty advisor should be primary or secondary.

Advising Center Advisors

  1. The following process is ran every time a contact is created or edited in the CRM. This process evaluates several pieces of information and if the student meets all the criteria then another process is called that assigns the Advising Center Advisor:

  2. The following are the processes that are called based on the above process

If you are experiencing any issues with the advisor assignment, please review the flow chart links to see if the process ran correctly. If you feel they were assigned in error, please contact the advising center (Regional Outreach & Innovation) as a first point of contact. If they feel the error is technical, they will contact for assistance. Please note that currently all faculty advisors are assigned manually by the advising center advisor.

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