How do I book a Livestream or Video Recording

Livestream or Video Recording

To book a Livestream event or to have your event video recorded please follow these steps;

  1. Ensure you have consent to record the presenter/s
  2. Email (please ensure this email address is not apart of an group email thread)
  3. In the email list all the details of your event (see below)
  4. Ensure the presenter is there prior to the event starting for a sound check or to troubleshoot any issues.
  5. Advertise - if you do not let people know you are streaming an event, they will never know to watch.
  6. Direct your viewers to the EOU Livestream page -

Event Details Within the email it is important for the A/V Department to know all the details of the event which needs to be streamed/recorded. Here is a template to copy and paste into your email.

Event title: (Giving us an event title helps differentiate between events)

POC: (Who will be the person that the A/V department can go to for questions)

Phone: (Preferably a cell number if the event is not between 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday)

Email: (Email address of the POC)

Date: (Date of the event)

Location: (Building, Room & if possible a diagram of the room layout)

Event start time: (The actual start time of the event)

Event end time: (An estimated time the event will finish)

Charging Index: (The department index, if off campus, specify if it is profit/non profit)

Number of speakers: (How many people talking on camera, for microphone purposes)

Presentation: (Is there a presentation, like a Powerpoint that needs to be imported into the stream/recording)

Platform: (The A/V department has the ability to stream to, Facebook Live & Youtube)

Livestream Channel: (If you choose to stream to the EOU Livestream site please inform A/V which channel you would prefer to stream to)

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