How do I copy a course?


  • Adjust events and due dates is buggy. I suggest you don’t use that option!
  • Direct any issues to


Step 1

Select Settings within the course you want to copy INTO:

Screenshot 2016-08-16 13.26.56

Step 2

Select the button Import content into this course:

Step 2 - Course copy

Step 3

In the dropdown, select Copy a Canvas Course:

Step 3 - Course copy

Step 4

You may need to select the course in the drop-down.

New Step 3 - course copy

Step 5

Select the All content radial button:

Step 4 - Course copy

Step 6

Click Import.

  • Below, on the same page, it may say Queued or will display a progress bar. Wait until it’s done.


You may want to only import certain items, such as only quizzes. Below is how that works.

Do steps 1 through 4.

On step 5, you will select Select specific content

Extras - Course Copy 1

Then, click import (it may say updating…).

  • Now, you should see:

Extra - Course copy 2

You will click select content. A window will pop up and you can click all the boxes next to the item you want to import.

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