How do I Create/Edit/Delete Banner Records

Creating/Editing/Deleting Banner Records

~Creating a New Record~

Method 1: Select the Insert Record button: Image This will add a blank entry. You can then enter the information needed for the record and then save once complete.

Method 2: Enter query mode by either the Query button: Image or Shift+F7 then cancel it by clicking the Cancel Query button: Image or pressing F12. There will now be no entries present, however you can now add in a new entry. Save the record once you are complete. If you then execute the query by clicking the Exicute Query button: Image or pressing F7 you will see your new entry among the others.

Editing a Record

With the appropriate permissions you can edit a record by selecting a field in the record and editing it. To save your changes, select the Save button: Image or press F10 on your keyboard. You can cancel the change by clicking the Rollback button: Image Note: Not all records will allow editing this way. Some records will require you to create a new record first. Some fields on a record may not be editable at all.

Deleting a Record

Note: There are very few circumstances when a record should be deleteds so please do so carefully. Once deleted, the data is irretrievable. To delete a record, select the desired record and then click the Remove Record button: Image Then save.

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