How do I navigate within a Banner Screen

Navigating within a Banner screen

Searching Users

  1. Most Banner screens will display an ID field followed by a blank name window. EOU IDs (910 Numbers) or a SSN can be entered into the field and it will fill in the name field. Image

  2. Without an ID, you can search by name. Leave the ID field blank and type in the desired name in the name field (Last, First). You can use the % symbol at the end of an incomplete name if you are unsure of the spelling (Mouse, M%). Note: The field is not case sensitive.

  3. If there is more than one user that matches the name entered, then the following screen will display. You can view and select your desired user in the dropdown. If there are many results, the results can be filtered by using the below fields. Image

  4. The Banner form GUIALTI will also allow you to search for users by SSN, ID, Name, and Birthdate.


  1. Once the desired user is found, press the Page Down key or the next block button at the top:Image This will take you into the record for the screen. Each screen varies, however you can continue to use Page Down. Next Block Button: Image as well as Page Up. Previous Block Button: Image to navigate around menus: Image

  2. Use Tab on your keyboard to move from field to field.

  3. Clicking the X button will take you back to your previous screen. Tip: Menus and fields can be selected with the mouse cursor as well.

  4. Some Screens will have multiple records to view. There is usually a scroll bar located on the right side of the screen. To navigate the records, you can click the up and down arrows at the top and bottom of the scrollbar respectively. The up and down keys work as well as the Next Record and Previous Record buttons at the top: Image. Image

Filtering Using Queries

  1. Screens with multiple records can be filtered by using the Query feature.
  • To start the query, select the Enter Query button: Image or Shift+F7 keys. Note: This will remove all results on the screen.

  • For this example we will use address type as our filter criteria. In the banner system there are many types of addresses. You will likely only be concerned with 1 or 2 address types so to filter down to say the MA (Mailing Address) simply type MA in the Address type field. You can also use drop down menu to select an option. Image

  • Once the filter criteria has been entered, such as address type, click the Execute Query button: Image or the F7 key on your keyboard. Now only your desired results will display. If you decided that you do not want to filter the results, click the Cancel Query button: Image or F12 on your keyboard. Note: NOTE You are not restricted to only filter. For example you could filter by both Address Type and State. To do this, simply enter both your Address Type and State criteria prior to executing the query.


  1. On some screens when a specific record is selected, clicking the Options at the top will display a list of related screens with more information. This list will change based on what tab or block you are currently on. Keep in mind that you may not have access to all of the screens listed. Image
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