How do I run a Banner Job in Job Sub

Running a Banner Job in Job Sub

  1. proceed to GJAPCTL.

  2. In the process field, enter the name of your job. For this demo we will use the FGRODTH budget report. The description of the job will appear in the field to the right of the name field. Image

    • You can search for available jobs by clicking the down arrow next to the process filed or by pressing the F9 key.
    • This will take you to a new screen that will allow you to use the wildcard % to search or view all by executing the query.
  3. Press Page down to enter the Printer Control block. This field may be prefilled by defaults on the job however you can change it based on what is needed.

  • EMAIL - This will send your report directly to your email as an attachment. Note: Do not enter your email in this field. Enter the word “EMAIL”. Image
  • NOPRINT - This will send you an email with a link to download your report. You will have to sign in with your mountie pass prior to downloading the file via the link. Image
  • Leaving the Field Blank - This will send your report directly to your default printer. If this is being sent to the wrong printer you will need to contact IT for assistance in changing it. Image
  • The last option is to select a specific printer you want to send the report to from the list.
  1. Press the Page Down key again to enter the Parameter Values block. Here you will see all the parameters for the report. Enter the value for the parameters in the Values column. With a row selected, you will see information on what is expected for the value as well as a description in the bottom left corner. This will also tell you if the parameter is required. Image

  2. Once you have entered all of the parameters, press the Page Down key again to access the Submission block. Here you can save your parameters for future use by checking the check box and providing a name and description. Image

  3. Whether you choose to save your parameters or not you must then save to submit the job. This will take you back to the Process block.

  4. To run a job using saved parameters, select the parameter set from the Parameter Set drop down to the right of the process description field. Double click to select the set. This will take you back to GJAPCTL where you can continue as normal, except that your parameters will already be set. Image

    • The drop down will take you to this screen to select a saved parameter set. Image
  5. To view the status of a submitted banner job, select Review Job Status [GWIJOBR] from the options menu. Image

  6. This will take you to the GWIJOBR screen where you can see jobs that have been recently run and their current status. Simply press X to go back to GJAPCTL. Image Image

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