How do I send a referral

Sending a Referral

  1. From the Student you wish to refer, hover over the Advising (Student) link at the top: Image

  2. Click the New Advising button.

  3. Select Referral from the drop down and then click Continue. Image

  4. Select the desired referral from the Type drop down: Image

    • If you select Faculty or Assoc Dean, you will need to provide their email in the Referral Email field located directly below the Type field.
    • The Referral Email field is only used for the Faculty or Assoc Dean referral type and will not do anything for the remaining types.
  5. Include additional information in the referral email by adding a comment to the Email Comment field.

  6. You may also leave a comment as to why you are sending this referral in the Comment field. This comment will not be included in the referral email to the department. A comment is not required. Image

  7. Click the Save button located at both the top and bottom of the page. Note: The email is only sent upon creation of the referral so you MUST select a type for the email to send. After you have created the referral, you may go back and edit the comment without sending another referral email. The type should never be changed after the initial creation.

  8. After everyone has followed through with the referral and the referral is complete, you can mark it complete by checking the Referral Completed checkbox. Image

  9. To view all of your incomplete referrals, clone the Incomplete Referrals report located in the Advisor Reports folder and change the Created by and Primary Success Team Member name to your own.

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