How do I send a text to one student

Sending a Text to One Student

CRM / TargetX SMS Magic Texting Tutorial

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SMS Magic Texting Tutorial

  1. Find the student.
  • Go to the Contacts Tab
    • Use Marianne SipeTEST1 for testing in production Image
  1. Either:

    • Find the student in the view for student
    • Do a search for the student Image
  2. On the Contact (Student Information) view, select Send SMS button Image

SMS Texting Screen Whate each field means: Sender ID: EOU’s phone number that will show up on text’s until they add us in their contacts. Selected Numbers: Student record you are sending message to. Use Templates: Optional to custom message from user.

Advisor generic 2016 template

  • Select Use Templates
  • Create custom message (shown below)

First option for message

Body: Use this view to type custom message. Note: Downside to this route, there are no merge fields to use in this format. Image

Second option for message

Use Templates: “Advisor generic 2017” Body: includes merge fields from contact.

  • {!Contact.firstname} = Student’s first name
  • {!} = Advisor’s name

Use this view to type a custom message after the first name merge field. Delete the filler words and compose a message to the student. Image

  1. Select to send to Optout members when message is advertising in nature. Taking action on a specific task – go ahead and send to students.
  2. Select the Send button.
  3. Verify the text has sent.
  4. Select the Contacts (student information) tab.
  5. Go to SMS History and Incoming SMS.
  6. Check the SMS History section to verify the information is sent and can track texting. Image Image

How to read SMS section

Incoming SMS: texting coming into the system. Incoming SMS Number: Number assigned in the system. Mobile Number: Number the message came from. SMS text: Message sent to EOU. Inbound Number: 5417900910 = EOU’s texting number. Created By: Date and time of the message received. Created Date: Date of the record created.

SMS History: texts sent. Record number: Number assigned in the system. SenderId: Number the text message is sent from (EOU). Mobile Number: Number the text message is sent to. SMSText: Message sent to the contact. Created Date: Date the message was sent.

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