How do I send an email to one student

Sending an Email to One Student

Find Student (Contact)

  1. Go to the Contacts Tab Image

  2. Select Contact (student) by either:

  • Find your student in the view
  • Do a search for the student Image
  1. On the Contact (Student Information) view, select Activity History. Image Image

    The system will scroll to the part of the page holding this information. Image

  2. Select Send an Email. Image

What each field means:

Email Format: HTML [Switch to Text-Only] – generally, stay with HTML format, unless you are told differently by a student. From: (Required) – defaults to your name. There are vanity emails in the system that one can choose. Advising has not been built out. To: Student record you clicked through onto

  • can be selected if you would like to send a different email to this student.

Related To: Select Advising. Additional To: Clicking on the looking glass will allow to do all the following of CC and BCC. Use for anyone else needing to receive message with this student in mind. E.g. Faculty member, Another advisor, Admissions Counselor

Subject: (Required) – Keep in mind to make it searchable or systematic for later use. E.g. Follow-up, Suspension, etc. Image

First option for message:

Body: Use this view to type a custom message. Note: A downside to this method is that there are no merge fields to use in this format. Image

Second option for message:


  • Select the Template button.
  • A window pops up to select pre-built template. Image
  1. After email is written, you can use the Check Spelling button.

  2. Select the Unfiled Public Email Templates folder.

  3. Select a Template to use for the message. Image

  4. Verify that the student name and the merge information is correct for template. Image

Optional: You can attach a file from your computer. Image

  • File Location: My Computer
  • Select the Choose File button
    • Go through the steps to select a document and attach to the email.
  1. Select the Send button. Image

  2. Verify that the email has sent.

  3. Select the Contacts (student information) tab and then go to Activity History. Image

How to read this section

This section reflects:

  • One-off emails sent.
  • Letters sent via communication plan.

Subject: What you type in here for email. E.g. Email: EOU Mountie Pass Information = EOU email went

Related To: TC = Telecounselors. Task: If checked = completes. Due Date: Attached to Task, stamps the day it is sent if part of the communications. Status: Action taken on task. Priority: Related to field in the Task window. Assigned To: Who sent the message or completed a task. Call Result: Field on Task – not used much. Image

Buttons on Activity History


Log a Call: Record aphone call, can create a follow-up from this screen. Send an Email: Go to top of this doc to follow instructions. Compose Gmail: Sends a user to the Gmail account listed on your profile in TargetX. * attach crazy code in BCC to attach to student record.

View All: Provides a full list of all communications sent in detail. Paper letters do not have details of the messages. This is stored elsewhere in system. Request a copy of a letter from communications if you need a copy to reference.

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