How do I use SMS opt out

How to use SMS opt out

SMS functionality in the CRM highly depends on whether a student has opted in or out of this type of communication.

  • Use the first section to learn about the fields used.
  • Use the second section to learn about using the fields.
  • Use the third section to learn about how the fields are used by automatic processes.

How to read the fields

There are two fields that are used in conjunction to determine the opt in status of a student:

  • SMS opt out - A check box
  • SMS opt in date - a date field


Below, the Status column will be described.

Note: The status column is not a field in the CRM, it is terminology for describing what the first two columns represent.

  • No Response:

    • This means we have not yet gotten the student to say yes or no.
  • Opted In:

    • This means the student was opted in by answering “Yes” on a form, or automatically by the online application.
  • Opted Out:

    • This means the student was opted out by answering “No” on a form.
  • This indicates a student replied stop:

    • This means that if you see this combination, it is likely due to a student who has opted out via texting STOP, or someone entering data manually, although doing it manually should be avoided.

How to use the fields

When opting a student in or out manually it is important to follow this table. Image

The first two columns show what values are required for the two fields to meet the desired status. Important: When opting out a student, always be sure to clear the date field before you save. This is represented in the table above via row 4.

How the fields are used automatically

There are several ways these fields will be used by automatic processes:

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