How to Add your Syllabus to Webster


We will be working with Google Docs throughout this tutorial. If you haven’t already, please get a Google Doc version of your syllabus. You can copy and paste from a Word Doc or PDF. You will be pasting a URL of the Doc into Webster; not uploading a file.

Doing it this way allows you to make edits without needing to reupload a file. Also, you can share and delegate rights to other instructors who may need the file.


Below the video are written out steps to follow if you don’t want to watch the video.

Step 1:

Open the Google Doc of your syllabus. Click the Share button.

Step 2:

Click the word Advanced.

Step 3:

Click the word Change… next to the line that says Private.

Step 4:

Click the circle next to On - Anyone with the link. This will allow anyone with a link to open the Doc. Syllabi are available through the public side of Webster. Click Save.

Step 5:

You should be back to the window shown below. The Link to share may or may not be highlighted. If not highlighted, then select the entire URL. Right click, and select copy. Or CTRL+c. We will be copying this URL to Webster.

Step 6:

Now, navigate to the Faculty Services tab. Click Faculty Detail Schedule.

Step 7:

Under the course you want to edit, click Add or Maintain next to Syllabus. If the course has been edited before, it will say Maintain.

Step 8:

Paste the link from Step 5 into the box labeled Course URL.

  • You may need to delete the text in the box if the course was edited before. Click Submit

The syllabus is now available in Webster.

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