How to load the StriveScan file for Admissions

How to load the StriveScan file for Admissions

The file is provided by Admissions via email to the You will need to ask if it should be attached to an event if that information was not already provided.

With Event only

Note: This attached as "Attended" if any other value is desired the informatica job must be altered.

  1. Open file in text editor. Avoid Excel from messing up your dates.
  2. Replace the data in the first column Fair_Name with the Event ID from the CRM. (in quotes)

How to load

  1. Move the file to data_files on isdepot and rename it to cf_StriveScan.csv
  2. Log into Informatica and go to Design > Task Flows
  3. Run the CF StriveScan job (CF StriveScan with event if you modded the file with an event) by using the play icon to the left of the job.

Post Load

The file will auto-archive to the CF directory in the data_files directory. An error file will appear in data_files. Open it and hope that it’s empty. If it is not, there’s more to do.


Notably, errors derived from Informatica by the job failing are not covered here. This will only instruct what to do with the cf_StriveScan_error.csv file produced by the job.

The rows are usually caused by a failed search for the school. Scroll to the CEEB column and check the CRM for that CEEB. If you get no results check to see if the school exists with a different ceeb. Finally before taking action, confirm the ceeb in the file is accurate for that school.

Some useful resources:

  3. (Find the school and search their site)

If the school is not in the CRM; create it and fill the info using their website. If the CRM needs the CEEB updated, do it. If the file was wrong, update the file.

Finally, run the file again. You’ll need to rename it back to cf_StriveScan.csv and use the same job you used the first time. Repeat until error file is empty.

If the Account was created or updated

Go to Banner > ZSCHOOL Search or insert into the form using the info you acquired. Use other rows to assist with data format.

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