How to setup a Canvas course for a student who takes an incomplete


Extending a course is an instructor level permission. You will be creating a new section of the course name INC or incomplete. If you just modify the end date for the course, all students will see the course on their dashboard! Below is a video describing the process.


Allow students to submit assignments

After watching the video and creating your new section, your students may have problems submitting assignments. This is due to the Available from and Until dates [BLUE] being set for the assignments. Follow the setups below to add the new section to the assignments.


  1. Start editing the assignment where the student cannot submit.
  2. [RED] Click the Add button.
  3. [YELLOW] Start typing the new sections name. In this case it is INC.
  4. [ORANGE] You can set new dates for the new section, both Due and Until must be before the END date.

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Published date: 07/12/2017 4:11PM
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