How to update Google Chrome

If you’re having troubles with Google Chrome one thing you can check and see is if Chrome is up to date. One quick way to tell is if Chrome has a red circle with a white arrow in place of the three dots in the upper right hand corner like so.

If you see this icon simply click it and then click Update Google Chrome as highlighted here.

If that doesn’t appear no need to worry to update is simple and the update process is identical for both Windows and Mac OS, however opening Chrome is slightly different.

First you’ll need to open Chrome.


You can find Chrome either in the taskbar or by opening the start menu and searching in the Apps or programs menus.

Mac OS

You can find Chrome either in the Dock or by clicking the desktop background and clicking Go at the top of the screen, then applications.

Updating Google Chrome

  1. Next click the menu icon (the three dots) in the upper right hand corner.

  2. Hover over the help menu option.

  3. This will pop out a submenu, click About Google Chrome at the top of the submenu.

  4. This will close the menu and open a new tab that indicates if Chrome is currently up to date.

  5. If Chrome is out of date it will either provide you with a button to check for updates or run them automatically depending on your settings.

  6. After checking for updates it will automatically install them and provide a button to relaunch.

  7. Repeat until Chrome is up to date.

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