How to obtain your EOU Student or Employee ID Card?

The University issues Photo Identification (ID) Cards to students, employees, and others associated with the University to verify their identity and manage their access to University services and facilities. The University is committed to the safety of all students, staff, and visitors to the university. To facilitate accountability and security, the University will require all personnel, students and visitors to have proper University issued identification based on 4.10.25 - University Identification Card Policy.

Student ID Cards

Student ID card can be used for meal plans, fitness center access and access to various locations including the Residence Halls, events, and activities sponsored by the University.

Faculty/Staff ID Cards

Faculty/Staff cards can be used for purchased meal plans, purchased fitness center access and access to various locations, events, and activities sponsored by the University.

Obtain an ID Card

Please note your mailing address must be correct in Mountie Hub so we mail it to the correct location. Please use this link prior to completing the form.

Please Note

  • University issued ID cards are the property of the University. A university ID card will be carried at all times and presented upon request to any University Official or to access various University services or facilities.

  • University ID cards are non-transferrable. Lending this card to anyone or failing to present it upon request is a violation of 4.10.25 - University Identification Card Policy. The University reserves the right to confiscate any ID used in an inappropriate manner.

  • There is a fee for a replacement ID card in cases where the card is lost, stolen, has intentional damage (e.g. holes punched in the card, snapped in two, etc.), or the cardholder wishes to retake their photo. A replacement ID card can be obtained through the University ID Card Request Form.

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