Mountie Hub Student Registration Guide

Open a web browser

Go to EOU’s One Login portal at


…and log in using your Mountie Pass credentials. Image

One Login

If you have recently used the Mountie Hub (the latest version of Webster/Banner Self Service), it may appear in your Frequents tab. If not, just click the Company: Eastern Oregon University tab. Scroll to find the Mountie Hub button, and click it to go to the Mountie Hub. Image

Mountie Hub Main Menu

To register for classes, click Student Services to navigate to the Student Services menu.


In the Student Services menu, click Student Registration to navigate to the Registration Menu.


Registration Menu

In the Registration Menu, click on Register for Classes.


On the next screen, select the term for which you want to register from the drop-down menu and click Continue.


Register for Classes: Find Classes

You will initially land on the Find Classes tab of the Register for Classes screen.

Search by Subject

To search for classes in a particular subject, click in the Subject box. You can either enter text to search or scroll through the list. Whichever way you choose to search, select the subject you want when you find it. If you want to search for classes in multiple subjects, click in the box again to add another subject. To remove a subject that you have already selected, click the X next to it. When you have added the subjects that you wish to search for, click Search. Image

Once you get your search results, click Search Again to refine your search. Image

Search by Course Number

To search for classes by Course Number simply click in the Course Number box and enter one course number (multiple course numbers will not work), then click Search. When searching by Course Number, do not include a three letter subject designation in the Course Number box (ie: search for 101, not MUS 101). Use the Subject box to specify the subject instead. Image

Search by Keyword

The Keyword search is still in development and is not currently functional.

Advanced Search

An Advanced Search option is available if users wish to explore it. Simply click Advanced Search (right of the Search button) to display Advanced Search options. Image

If you wish to return to the standard search, go to the bottom of the screen and click Advanced Search again. Image

Register for Classes: Course Information

Results of your search will appear in a list. In this screenshot, the search was for ART 101, so only one class appears. You can click some of the column headers to sort the list. Some columns may have more information than is initially visible, especially Meeting Times column (which includes class locations). To view this additional information, simply click and drag the dividers between the column headers to adjust the width of the column. If this pushes other information off of the edge of the page, you can always either resize the column again, or use the horizontal scroll bar at the to scroll sideways. If the list is very long, a vertical scroll bar will appear on the right edge of the screen which you can use to get to the horizontal scroll bar. Image

When you find an entry for a class that looks interesting, click its Title and an interactive popup will appear. Click the tabs down the left side of the popup window to view different categories of information about the class, and when you’re through, click Close lower right corner or the X in the upper right corner of the popup to go back to your search results. Image

Register for Classes: Add and Submit

When you find an entry for a class that you want to register for, click Add in the right hand column of that course’s entry, and it will be added to your Summary. The Summary box will At the bottom of the window, the Summary box will display the course you added, indicating that its Status is Pending and that you want to take an Action, set to Web Registered. You should review your Summary before you submit it to ensure that the classes you have added to it are correct. When you are satisfied with the classes in your Summary, click Submit in the bottom right corner of the screen to finish registering. Your course’s Status should change to Registered.


Register for Classes: Changing classes

If you change your mind about a particular course, you can change the value of the Action field using its drop-down menu. To remove a class if its Status is Pending, change the value in its Action field to Remove. To drop a class with current status Registered, change the value in its Action field to Drop. Action values that you have changed will be outlined in blue. As before, you must click Submit in the lower right corner of the screen for these Action selections to take effect. Image

Register for Classes: Course Reference Numbers

If you know the Course Reference Number (CRN) for the section of a course that you would like to register for, you can skip the search altogether. On the Register for Classes screen, click the Enter CRNs tab. Enter your CRN in the CRN field, click Add to Summary, and the course will be added to your Summary. Remember, you must still check your Summary for correctness and click Submit in the lower right corner of the screen to complete registration for the course. See the above section “Register for Classes: Add and Submit” for more information. Image

If you have CRNs for several courses, you can add them all at the same time by entering one in the first CRN box, then clicking outside of the box, which will cause another CRN box to appear. Alternatively, you can click + Add Another CRN to produce as many CRN boxes as you will need, and enter one valid CRN in each box. When you are done entering CRNs, click Add to Summary. Image

The registration application will not accept an invalid CRN, and will display notifications in several ways if one of your CRNs is invalid. However, since the system cannot read minds and will accept any valid CRN, reviewing the correctness of the actions and classes on your Summary is particularly important when adding classes by CRN. When you are satisfied with your Summary, click Submit in the lower right corner. See the above section “Register for Classes: Add and Submit” for more information. Image

Register for Classes: Plans

If you have previously created a registration plan for the term, you can click on the Plans tab at the top of the page to use it to register. Simply click View Sections on a course you want to add from your plan… Image

…then click Add in the next screen to add it to your Summary. Click Return to Plan if you want to go back to your plan to add more courses to your Summary. When you are done adding courses, make sure to click Submit in the bottom right corner to apply the Actions you have selected for your course. See the above section titled “Register for Classes: Add and Submit” for more information. Image

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