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Beta Feature: this feature has not been fully implemented, and is undergoing active testing at this time. You may offer feedback for this feature by contacting us.

Why would I want to enable this feature?

If you wish to play an online game, but are receiving an error indicating a router, NAT, or firewall issue (e.g. Strict NAT), then enabling this feature may resolve your issue.

This feature is designed specifically for Game Consoles, but may be useful for PC gaming computers as well.

How do I enable this for my device?

For any registered device, you can use the Enable Online Gaming (beta) feature.

Security Warning: If you are enabling this feature for a PC, ensure that your PC is running up-to-date security software, and that the firewall is enabled and configured to deny unsolicited inbound connections. If you are not running security software, and your firewall is disabled (or permissive) then you are putting your system at risk of infection or attack.

What does this feature do?

Enabling this feature will change the way your device connects to the EOU network.

The next time your device connects, it will be considered a gaming device. gaming devices are (by various methods) treated differently from most other devices on the campus network:

  • most devices are permitted outbound connections only, gaming devices are permitted to accept certain inbound connections
  • most devices are placed into a common network based on location or purpose, gaming devices are placed into an isolated gaming network, and cannot make connections to most other devices on campus.
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Published date: 03/07/2017 12:58AM
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