Printing Timesheets

  1. Login into your portal at
  2. Select the Mountie Hub (Webster) tile
  3. Select Employee Services Image
  4. Select Printable Timesheets Image
  5. Select the View Your Own Timesheet button to view your own timesheet or Display next to an employee you supervise to view their timesheets. Image
  6. Select the Pay Year to want to view timesheets for using the drop down and then press Display Image
  7. Click Display next to the the pay period you would like to view the timesheet for. Image
  8. From the Adobe pop-up you can choose to 1) Download or 2) print the timesheet. Image
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Published date: 05/07/2019 11:12PM
Last updated: 08/19/2019 5:50PM (Alex Kygar)
Author: Alex Kygar
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