SCACRSE - Basic Course Information

SCACRSE - Basic Course Information

The Banner page SCACRSE gives information about a given course, including the number of contact / credit hours, whether it is a lecture or lab course, and when it was first created in Banner. In addition, SCACRSE shows how many times a student can repeat the course and still earn credit for it.

For details about a given CRN, such as a class’s instructor, enrollment and location, use SSASECT instead.


  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SCACRSE, then press Enter on your keyboard…

  2. Type in the course Subject (for example, “WR” for Writing 121) in the Subject field.

  3. Type in the course Number (for example, “121” for Writing 121) in the Course field.

  4. Type in the Term (for example, “201103” for Summer 2011) in the Term field.

Guide to Term Codes
201100 Summer 2010
201101 Fall 2010
201102 Winter 2011
201103 Spring 2011
  1. Click the Go button

You can click the Next Section icon repeatedly to navigate to other screens showing additional information, such as whether it is a credit or non-credit course, the grading method, etc.

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