Scanning from Departmental Copiers

Instructions for scanning to email based on building.

Badgley (215), Loso (154), Zabel (255):

  1. Login to copier with individual code
  2. Press Copy on the screen or the Scan button
  3. Press Address Book
  4. Select Address
  5. Begin Scan (If possible use the document feeder for multiple pages)

Note - The scanners in in Badgley and and Loso cannot handle sending large jobs over email, such as several dozen Akindi test sheets. Instead, scan-to-folder has been enabled for all Faculty members for the scanners in their respective buildings. To ensure you use scan-to-folder instead of email, select Folder after pressing Address Book.

All scans should be sent to a folder labeled Scans in your Documents directory. If your name does not appear under the Folder menu on the scanner, or if you are using a Mac as your main workstation and cannot locate the Scans folder on it, additional setup may be required. You may submit a technology ticket to for further assistance.

Ackerman (202):

  1. Press Scanner
  2. Select Address
  3. Begin Scan (If possible use the document feeder for multiple pages)


Please visit this KB article for instructions on how to use Akindi:

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