Sending Bulk SMS

Sending SMS in Bulk relies on the selection that you make. First we need to define a population of contacts, and make sure they have mobile numbers. Second will be sending the message that you have planned out.


All screen shots are made from the Recruitment Manager tabs. You might have different tabs at the top.

Filtering Students

Home screen

Go to Contacts


Create a view

You will need a view to narrow the list of contacts to the population that you want. Such as only contacts that are applicants.

Building the View

You need to provide a new for the view that you are building. For this tutorial we will be filtering by State.

Filter Logic

You will need to select the Field you want to filter on, and then select the operator to use. In this example (in red) I have selected “Mailing State/Province” and used the equals operator. Next I want to use only the values that Salesforce is going to look for, so I click on the lookup button (in purple). The lookup window will open, there I will narrow the search to the United States, and select a state.

Selecting columns

You can change the default set of columns that you will see for the view if you so choose.

Save the view

Please only select “Visible only to me”. Then click save.

Correcting your view if needed

You will notice that in the view created, we have contacts without phone numbers. This will be a problem in that we cannot send SMS to blanks. Also, we did not select to show the mobile phone. The next section will show how to update your view to correct for this.

Update / Fix / Modify the View

Click on the Edit blue link.

In Edit mode

In the red I have added “Mobile” with “not equal to” and left the value blank. This is to show only contacts that have a mobile phone number that is not blank. I have also added the Mobile column to the selected fields list.

Save the changes

Scroll back to the top and click Save.

Making your Bulk Message

Select the contacts

If the list looks correct to you, click on the select all checkbox outlined in purple. Next click Send Bulk SMS.

How to handle Duplicates

Should you find that you have duplicates, you will need to go back an de-select the offending records.

Select a template

You will want to talk to communications about which template you should use, if at all.

Pick a template

Don’t send to Optout Members

Be sure to set “Send to Optout Members” to No

Send your message

Click Send at the top or bottom of the screen.

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