Software Center

*Applications can only be downloaded from the Software Center while on campus and connected to the EOU network. The EOU Guest network will not allow for applications to be installed.

EOU offers the ability for staff and faculty to install certain applications without the need for Administrator privileges through the software center.

Step 1:

Click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Image

Step 2:

From the Windows menu, click on the Software Center icon. (Note: This may be in different spot due to cusomization. If you do not see the Icon you can search for Software Center on the left side under ‘Microsoft System Center’. Image

Step 3:

This will open the Software Center application. Make sure that ‘Applications’ is selected on the left hand side. You should see a list of what is currently installed and what is available for you to install under ‘Status’. Your view may look a little different from the picture below. To change the view, click the options in the upper right corner. Image

Step 4:

To install an application, click on the one that you would like to open up the application detail. Then click on ‘Install’. Image

Step 5:

To install additional applications, please click on ‘Applications’ in the left hand menu to return to list of all apps and repeat Step 4.

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