EOU Swivl Robot Unit Checkout

The EOU IT Department has a limited supply of Swivl Robot Units available for currently employed EOU faculty/staff to checkout on a temporary basis. These can be used to broadcast a Zoom session in a area where a camera and microhone isn’t available. For all available classrooms with a camera & microphone, please visit the EOU Smart Classroom website.

If you qualify based on the description listed above, please complete the form below to request a laptop and check availability. This is a first-come, first-serve basis with no reservations available. All Swivl Robot Units are checked out during a academic term, with the due date usually by the end of the academic term.

Here are the steps you would need to follow after you complete the form below to checkout a laptop from IT:

  1. You will be required to sign and complete this terms and conditions form. You can download and sign this form digitally or print it and bring it to your scheduled pickup.

  2. If you need training on how to set up and use the Swivl Robot Unit, please request a tutorial with the AV Department by click this form.

  3. Return the Swivl Robot Unit and it’s components, based on the date listed on the form you signed and turned in. All Swivl Robot Units are due by the end of the academic term.

  4. Bring a state, federal, or EOU issued photo ID with you to your Swivl checkout appointment.

You will be responsible for returning the equipment (Swivl Robot, Markers, speakers, iPad, stand, bag and chargers) in good working condition. Any damage or missing equipment may result in a fee. Any equipment not returned by the due date may also result in a fee.

If you have any questions about this service, please email helpdesk@eou.edu.

You can reference addtional information about Swivl on their YouTube page.

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