Update Personal Email Address in Mountie Hub

Your personal email address is used to reset your Mountie Pass password by emailing you a link to reset your password when you request it. You can learn how to reset your password here.

Your personal email address is also used for the EOU Emergency Notification System so you can get important notifications.

Please follow these instructions to keep your personal email address up to date.

1. EOU Portal

Log in to the my.EOU Portal and click the Mountie Hub button

2. General Services

Click General Services

3. EOU Personal Email Update Form

Click EOU Personal Email Update Form

4. Login to form

Your username is your EOU email address without the @eou.edu Your password is the same password you used to login to the My EOU Portal

5. Enter new email address

In the Personal E-mail field enter a current alternate email address to reach you by, this cannot be your @eou.edu email address. This is the address the system will send your reset link to when you go to my.eou.edu and select the forgot my password link

Click Save Information

If you see the screen below your update was successful


You will want to update this every time you change personal email addresses as to keep the password reset link working for future uses.

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Published date: 07/11/2018 8:09PM
Last updated: 08/13/2020 8:29PM (Eastern Oregon University)
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