SFAREGF - Student Course/Fee Assessment Query

SFAREGF - Student Course/Fee Assessment Query

SFAREGF provides a quick view of a student’s registration status for a given term – all courses registered for, dates of registration, billed hours and credit hours. To view more course detail, you may prefer to use SFAREGQ.

(Note: To determine if the student is actually registered in a given class (rather than ‘waitlisted’ or ‘dropped’), check the “status code” for each listed course. See details below.)

  1. From the banner Menu type SFAREGF, then press Enter.

  1. In the Term field, type the six-digit term code. (Use the table at right for help, or use the Ellipsis icon to view a list of term codes.)

  2. Enter the 910 number in the ID number field. If you do not have the ID number handy, click the ellipsis icon next to the ID field to search.

  3. Click the Go button.

If it seems like nothing happens, look for this message on the right of the screen.

The above message indicates that the student has no registration activity for the entered term. (Double check that you have correctly typed the term code.)

  1. If the student has registration activity for the term, each course will be listed in the bottom section of the screen.

Please note that the “Status” field indicates the Registration Status for each course listed. The student is only registered for classes in which the code RE or RW appears. Other codes convey a status of “dropped” or “waitlisted.”

RW = Web-registered RE = Registered in Person, by FAX, or phone.

  1. To start over, or to check the status of another student, click the “Start over” button and follow steps 2-5 above.
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