What is Active Directory

Active Directory is a campus wide computer system that handles authentication, authorization, and the assignment of resources. Active Directory is often referred to as AD. The system provides centralized authentication. This means that anyone with a Mountie Pass can use their credentials to log into any AD computer on campus and automatically receive the correct permissions, files, network shares, and printers.

What should I expect as a user of Active Directory?

The features of using Active Directory all happen in the background and are automated. Once you log into a computer using your Mountie Pass, the system takes care of everything else. Your profile will be created and you will be given access to all of your assigned resources.

Here are some of the features you may notice when using a computer on AD:

  • Ability to log into any AD computer on campus
  • For Staff, Faculty, and Partners: access to your files including: Desktop, Documents, Favorites, Photos, Videos, and Music
  • Continued connection to your printers
  • A Software Center for installing vetted applications

How does the IT department use Active Directory?

The IT department uses Active Directory to assign permissions, policies, and resources to Users and Computers. Since the system is centralized, the IT department can efficiently make changes (both large and small) much quicker, more accurately, and more consistently than was possible before.

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