What is Mountie Pass?

Mountie Pass is your single username and password to sign into many EOU services including: Email, Webster, Canvas, and more!

Who has Mountie Pass?

If you have been accepted for admission as a degree seeking student or approved as a non-degree seeking, non-admitted student at Eastern Oregon University, or are an active staff or faculty member, you are automatically assigned a Mountie Pass account. Also, all alumni and EOU retirees have Mountie Pass accounts for life. New students, staff & faculty should receive this information via your personal email account on file with EOU.

What is my password?

Your default Mountie Pass password is your capital first initial followed by your lowercase last initial and birthday in the format: yy/mm/dd. For example: If your name is Monty Mountaineer and your birthday is June 21, 1994 your password will look like: Mm94/06/21

What if I forgot my password?

Use our Mountie Pass-word reset tool if you don’t know your Mountie Pass password. If you didn’t receive a password with your new account information, read the ‘What is my password’ section above, or contact the EOU IT Help Desk at (541) 962-3111 or at helpdesk@eou.edu.

How do I change my password?

If you know your username and current password, head over to support.eou.edu to change your password.

What is my username?

Your Mountie Pass username will be assigned to you automatically. If you’re unsure what your Mountie Pass username is or if you didn’t receive it with your new student information, be sure to contact the EOU IT Help Desk at (541) 962-3111 or at helpdesk@eou.edu.

What is my email address?

Your e-mail address is your Mountie Pass username, followed by @eou.edu. For example, if your username was jsmith, your email address would be jsmith@eou.edu. To access your email go to gmail.com and sign in with your Mountie Pass.

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