What is the my.EOU Portal?

The my.EOU portal is the single website to access all of the important online services that EOU provides. The my.EOU portal gives you quick and secure access to things like Email, Canvas, Mountie Hub and more!

Where is my.EOU?

my.eou.edu will redirect you to our Portal provider, OneLogin.

Who has access to my.EOU?

All current staff & faculty, and all accepted, current or alumni students have access to the my.EOU Portal.

All new Mountie Pass accounts will have a email sent to their personal email address from helpdesk@eou.edu with a email subject titled Your EOU Account is now Available so you can search for the email easily. You’ll need to click on the link to reset your password within 24 hours from receiving this email to activate your Mountie Pass account. If this email isn’t in your inbox, please be sure to check your spam folder.

If you miss your 24-hour window to activate your account, please view these instructions to recover your Mountie Pass account.

What is my username & password?

my.EOU uses your Mountie Pass username and password for access. (click here to read more about Mountie Pass)

What are my security questions?

The first time you log into the my.EOU Portal, you’ll be required to select & answer 4 security questions. These will help you in the future if you forget your Mountie Pass password and need to reset it. More information about password resets can be found in the Mounte Pass password reset kb article.

How can I make it more secure?

2-Factor Authentication is available for all my.EOU accounts. For instructions on setup and use of 2-factor authentication, click here.

What if I need help or have questions?

If you’re having trouble or just have questions, we’d love to help. You can contact the EOU IT Help Desk by emailing helpdesk@eou.edu or calling us at 541-962-3111 Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for assistance. You can also submit a ticket by visiting this link.

What “buttons” or services are available in my.EOU?

All online services or websites that students, staff or faculty use on a regular basis are available inside the my.EOU Portal. Things like Google Email, Google Calendar, The Canvas LMS, and more are easily accessible within the Portal. Depending on which groups you fall into, you might see different buttons inside the my.EOU Portal than other folks.

Example: Faculty members might see a button for Ad Astra Calendar, but students would not see that button as they don’t need it.

You can also navigate the my.EOU portal by toggling between your Frequents & the Company: Eastern Oregon University tabs at the top of your portal page. The Frequents tab will show you the applications you use most frequently for easy access and the Company: Eastern Oregon University will show you all of the available applications within the portal.

What is “Single Sign-On”?

The neat thing about my.EOU, is that once you’re logged into this single website, you’ll be automagically logged into most of the other website that EOU also uses. (Some websites aren’t compatible with SSO, so they may still require a separate login process)

Example: When you start your computer in the morning, head over to the my.EOU portal and log in. And because you’re already logged into the my.EOU Portal, when you click the Canvas or Google Mail button, you wont have to login a second time. We take care of all that for you automatically 👍

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