A printer needs to be added to my computer

EOU departments and labs have access to various network printers. Depending on your location and department, please check with your supervisor for the location of the nearest printer if one is not provided for you in your office area.

If there is a network printer that you would like to have added to your computer please send an email to helpdesk@eou.edu with the name of the printer (eg. PR-LH-100-1) as well as your computer’s service tag.

If you are unsure what your computer’s service tag is, you can locate it using the instructions found here.


If you are using a Windows PC, we will be able to remotely configure the printer to map to your computer. A tech will notify you whether this will require a brief sign off on your computer or a full restart in order to complete the installation.

Mac & Linux

If you are using a Mac or Linux computer, a tech will need to visit your office in person in order to add the printer for you.

User Codes

Some copiers on campus require a user code to be entered in your computer profile in order to allow you to print. The following printers on campus require a user code to be entered in your computer’s profile in order to allow you to print to them:

  • PR-ACK-202-1
  • PR-BH-215-2 (Mac and Linux only)
  • PR-HUB-204-1
  • PR-HUB-216-1
  • PR-LH-154-2 (Mac and Linux only)
  • PR-LH-234-4

Providing times that you will be present in your office to have your user code entered on your profile will help to expedite your request.

Note: PR-HUB-204-1 requires additional setup on both Windows and Mac in order for you to be able to print both regular and poster-sized jobs.

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