Approving Employee Timesheets

  1. Login into your portal at
  2. Select the Mountie Hub (Webster) tile
  3. Select Employee Services Image
  4. Select Employee Information Image
  5. Under the My Activities section on the right select Approve Time. Image
  6. Use the Filters at the top to choose the Pay Period and employees. Image
  7. To Review an Employee’s timesheet simply click on the employee’s timesheet. Image
  8. This will open a preview window displaying the employees hours. From here you can view the timesheet in detail (this will look similar to how it looks when you are entering hours in your own timesheet), You can return the timesheet for correction (You can add comments at the bottom of the pop-up), or you can approve it. Image
  9. If you need to delegate a backup for approvals or act as a backup select the Proxy Super User link in the top right Image
  10. On this page you can Act as a Proxy to act as a backup for another supervisor (They must have you setup as a Proxy). You can also delegate a backup by selecting the Add a new proxy button and remove by selecting the proxy and selecting the Delete proxies button. You can ignore the Application Selection and Act as Superuser sections as they are not used at this time. Image
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