Astra 8 - Assigning Roles to Users [Astra Admins]

Using FAST to Assign Astra Roles to Users


LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) = OneLogin LDAP , will sync EOU Fast assignments to Astra at the 45min mark of each hour. Example you made a change at 10am in Fast, Astra will get that change at 10:45am.

Giving Permissions to Users

Logging into Fast

  1. Go to your onelogin dashboard. ( and click My.EOU Portal)
  2. Click on "Company: Eastern Oregon University"
  3. Locate “Millennium FAST” and click on the button.
  4. FAST dashboard will load.
  5. Click on Student Reporting
  6. Depending on your permissions in FAST the menu tab at the top will show a list of the areas you can grant access.
  7. Click on the IT menu
  8. Hover over Astra, move right to the submenu options and click on " Set Astra Regional Admins ".
  9. On this data entry page in FAST you will be able to look up people by their Last, First name. You can assign permissions that you have been delegated.

Giving permissions to a User

  1. Click on the New button
  2. A new row will appear at the end of the data entry page.
  3. Begin typing the name of the person LAST, FIRST. 4 . Choose a Region that you have permission to delegate access. (The drop-down list will only show the permissions that you are allowed to delegate)
  4. Click on the save button to keep your changes.
  5. Record will save and you can find the result in the list.
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