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All students, staff & faculty are welcome to contact us! Get quick and reliable help from our IT staff. Submit and correspond with agents on your ongoing technology tickets through email! Ticket submissions are email only. Send an e-mail to one of the addresses below to automatically create a tech-ticket. Attachments are accepted. You can also call (541) 962-3111.

Assistance with Webster, e-mail, Canvas, Blackboard, computers, phones, software, etc.

Assistance with Banner and other programming features.

Assistance with AV and Media Services events, scheduling, etc.

Request a quote or order copy center materials

NOTE: Please be sure to include your building and room location for your request. If you’re requesting we order equipment, please be sure to include your index code. This will help expedite your request.   We hope to be able to help you with your technology ticket as soon as possible, making this the best experience it can be. If you have any questions or feedback, please send an email to   What is a “Ticket” and how do I submit one when I need IT assistance?

  • A Ticket is a request for IT or Facilities services. This includes the internet, software, hardware telephone issues. If you have simple or difficult technology questions, suggestions or concerns, submit a Technology Ticket. No matter your skill level, if you have an IT related question, we’re here to help you. And if we can’t help you, we’ll direct you to somebody who can.
  • To submit a Technology Ticket, you simply submit an email to We can now accept email attachments so if you need to send us something, please indicate it in your request so we can review it.
  • We do base all of our requests by their priority, placing emergencies first over routine requests but we do our best to complete them as quickly as we receive them. If you have any further questions, please contact the EOU IT Help Desk at (541) 962-3111 or e-mail

For more information, contact the EOU IT Help Desk at (541) 962-3111 or submit a Technology Ticket.

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