Ellucian Customer Center (Ellucian Hub)

What is the Ellucian Customer Center (Ellucian Hub) Login?


What is the Ellucian Customer Center (Ellucian Hub)?

This is the secured location where Ellucian provides access to Applications (chicklets). Registration in the Hub gives you access to Banner Documentation, articles written by Ellucian and other sites and their on-demand video training library. Here is an example of the main screen a user will see once they receive access to the Ellucian Hub.

How do I get access to the Ellucian Customer Center (Ellucian Hub)?

Please follow these instructions to create a Ellucian Hub account: https://docs.google.com/a/eou.edu/document/d/18irC_SDfuSuss2rai2z8i7arYiDTdK263OtMI5AAa1g/

Please note that each new request requires a employment verification so the account may take 24-28 hours to create before you can access it.

What is Edu Services (ODSL)

The Education (Edu) Services includes:

  • On-Demand Subscription Library
  • Learning Paths
  • Instructor Lead Training

All banner users have full access to all of the on-demand video tutorials that Ellucian currently offers for all of it’s modules. To access it, simply select the On-Demand Training link and then select Banner. From there, select the Banner module you wish to learn about.

Please note that all new Banner users should take the “Banner 9 Overview and Navigation” course first.

What is eCommunities?

eCommunities has an intuitive, adaptable user interface to locate information, submit community questions, share best practices, engage with peers, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. We encourage all Banner users to utilize eCommunities when they need information about any issue involving Banner is very active with other university employees who also use Banner.

What is the Ellucian Support Center?

The Ellucian Support Center includes the following information for all banner users to access:

  • Articles
  • Documentation Libraries (handbooks, release guides, upgrade guides, list of change requests delivered with a release)
  • Ideas
  • Reports
  • Dashboards (including Product Calendar/ release information)
  • access to the support center (action line)
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