EOU Educational Discounts

EOU discounts for computer hardware:

Dell Hardware for EOU: www.Dell.com/DellU/EOU

Apple Hardware:  store.apple.com/us-hed

Best Buy:  Link to Student Deals

Adorama:  Link to Student and Educator Discount Program

Please note that not all items have Educational discount and you must put in school zip code of 97850 to access discount

Adorama Rental Co: Link to Student/Staff/Educators/Alumni Registration form

HP Hardware:  store.hp.com

EOU discounts for computer software:

OnTheHub eStore

Journey Education

Academic Superstore


Creation Engine


Use promo code: "*EDU 10OFF*" and get 10%.

All major vendors have education discount pages for Student, Faculty and Staff that can be found readily via their homepage.  Some have different requirements for proving academic eligibility, some is as simple as .edu email address with others verifying via student/staff ID number(v number), or some may require even more substantial proof with proof of enrollment via office letter.  They do change these link locations from time to time as their sites and programs available change.

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