EOU eRefund Program

The Eastern Oregon University Student Accounts Office is now offering refunds by direct deposit for all registered students—this includes refunds of your excess financial aid.

If you elect to register for direct deposit, credit balances on your EOU student account will be processed daily and deposited to your bank account within 3 business days after being issued.

To receive your refund via direct deposit, you will need to complete the following registration process:

1.  Visit my.eou.edu and log into your Webster Account using your Mountie-Pass Username and Mountie-Pass Password.


2.  Click on “Student Services and Financial Aid”.
3.  Click on “Student Account”.
4.  Click on “E-Refund – Cashnet Site”: this will take you to the Cashnet eRefund Portal Site.
5.  Click to enroll in eRefund in the eRefund box and follow instructions for entering your bank account information.


After registering for eRefund, you will be able to review, update, and/or cancel your profile and bank account information at any time through Webster’s eRefund link.

If you have any questions about receiving your refund via direct deposit, please contact EOU Student Accounts at cashier@eou.edu or (541) 962-3590.

eRefund Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

* All authorized EOU financial aid and scholarships, once received by the institution, are disbursed automatically to the student’s account.

* Please check the academic calendar for financial aid release dates at https://www.eou.edu/regis/calendar/.

* Once financial aid pays a student’s current term charges, there may be a refund available to the student.

* The Student Accounts Office will automatically process Financial Aid refunds for student’s that have enrolled in eRefund.

* EOU eRefund will be deposited into your bank account typically within 2-3 business days.

* Refund via paper check will be processed in a weekly batch process and will be mailed to the student’s mailing or billing address on file at the Registrar’s Office. Therefore students need to make certain their address is current in their Webster account or with the Registrar’s Office.

* All Financial Aid refunds will be processed no later than 10 days after Financial Aid has disbursed to their student account.

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Published date: 05/09/2017 9:20PM
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