How To Pay an Invoice Against a Purchase Order (PO) - FAAINVE Banner Screen

Invoice/Credit Memo To Pay an Invoice Against a PO (Invoice Type: Regular)

FAAINVE Banner Screen: Starting the Memo

In the Document field, type NEXT. (Double-check this for typos as it is a keyword that Banner acts on.)

Press the Tab key to move the cursor to the Invoice Type field, and choose Regular.

Tab to Purchase Order field and type the Purchase Order Number.

At this point, the Vendor Number and Name for the P.O. should appear automatically. If they do not verify that you have entered the correct Purchase Order Number.

Click Go. Image

FAAINVE: Invoice/Credit Memo Header section

In the Invoice Date field, enter the Invoice Date.

Tab to the Transaction Date field. Today’s date will be the default. Change it if needed.

Tab to Address Code. If the default address is not correct, click on the button beside the Sequence Number field and follow the instructions for how to Search for Entity’s Address (While in FAAINVE) to add the correct address to which to remit payment.

Tab to the Payment Due date field and enter the date on which you want the check to be cut.

Tab to the Vendor Invoice field and enter the vendor invoice number.

Click on Save.

Click on Page Down. Image

FAAINVE: Commodity Information -Regular- section

Click on the Select PO Items button and the FAQUINVP screen will appear. Image

FAQUINVP Banner Screen: Invoice/Credit Memo PO Selection section

Click on the boxes in the Add column to add checkmarks beside the items you are paying for on this invoice.

Click Save. Image

The items you have selected will disappear. Click on the X in upper left corner to exit this page. Image

FAAINVE: Commodity Information -Regular- section again

Verify that the quantities and prices are correct for the items you are paying. If there is more than one commodity, click through each to verify Quantity and Unit Price for each one.

Pricing and/or quantities may be changed by clicking in the box that you wish to change.

After you have verified and edited quantities as needed, click Save, then click Page Down. Image

FAAINVE: Balancing Completion section

This will take you to the Balancing Completion page, you may complete the document now by clicking Complete (yellow outline), but it is recommended that you verify the accounting information first.

To verify accounting information, click Page UP (red outline) without clicking Complete.


FAAINVE: Invoice Accounting Distribution

If changes need to be made to the accounting information (distribution), Click the appropriate box and make the changes.

Click Save.

Click Page Down to return to the Balancing Completion section. Image

FAAINVE: Balancing Completion section again

Click Complete. Image

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