How do I forward my calls to another phone?

Things to Know Before Forwarding your Phone

  1. When forwarding a phone, there will be a call screening when you first answer, this will require you to press a number on the dial pad to accept or reject a call.

  2. Call screening is required if your number is part of a queue, the time it takes to ring can be extended to offset the additional time it takes to access the dialpad to answer the call.

    Note: This is so that if the call is missed, the voicemail is left in the correct voicemail box and not someones cell phone.

  3. If your number is not part of a queue, the call screening can be disabled

    Note: If your voicemail catches the call, the voicemail will be left on your cell phone/home phone instead.

Enable Forwarding for a New Number

Dial *72 plus the number you want to forward your phone to.

Example: To forward to Monty’s mobile phone, he dials *72 then 5415551234 Tip: Press *72 by itself to forward your phone to the previously forwarded number. Warning: Do not forward calls to your departments queue, this can cause a forwarding loop

Disable Forwarding

Dial *73 to disable forwarding.

Note: If forwarding was not setup previously, an error tone will be heard.

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